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My First Lomo Affair: Crismiranda and her Fisheye No. 2

The shift from using a Pentax MX to a Fisheye No. 2 was quite a big leap for her. Although some of her first photos came out underexposed, it didn’t stop her from loving and shooting with this wide-eyed camera. Find out more about Cris Miranda and her First Lomo Affair with a Lomography Fisheye No. 2!



Emmy Rossum
- Because she is a very talented actress and singer. And very kind to fans (from what I’ve seen).

Texaco promo by loonboy2 on Flickr.


ruined polaroids

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Day In A Lomo’Instant: Sanami

Sanami had what looks like a fabulous day of relaxing with cats and eating great food, documented excellently by the Lomo’Instant. We asked her what she thought!


MangoDIY Lomography Barcelona Workshop: Some pictures from MangoDIY Lomography Barcelona Workshop (by linuxbcn on Lomography)